magazinelove - This Orient

"As we try to explore what the origins of all creative energy are, it is essential to face up to our own roots, and a lot of people already do. Our magazine is called 'THIS ORIENT. The name implies the idea that what we want to share already exists, yet is still waiting to be explored." © 'THIS ORIENT

I'm  a real magazine enthusiast and I love discovering and admiring new magazines!
This weekend I was so lucky to receive the stunning new (and second)  issue of
 this Orient  called "Sirens" .  This issue is dedicated to -  and filled with
 inspiring stories about female creatives that are working in different areas... 

The magazine is all about architecture, its residents and their art in a 
very pretty aesthetic style and I must say the magazine felt great in my hands,  
I really liked it! Besides the beautiful cover (I have this thing with magazinecovers) and
the great stories  I was pleasantly surprised by their amazing photos...
Very inspiring! 

This Orient is a nice addition to the world of magazines in my opion
you will find all about this issue here

                                                                           photos elvs (photo 2,4 via This Orient with thanks!)


a magical Christmas - Artilleriet

"The memories from our childhood have inspired us, 
a Christmas filled with play and warmth, 
taste of candied apples and smell of citrus.
The colors are dull, candles lights up the home.
Grandmother's voice in another room.
The world is getting smaller, we close our doors and 
care a little extra about ourselves and each other."

Love the beautiful magical stylingwork, the dark moody inviting atmosphere
and the perfect ornaments and decorations...

see more here and be inspired just like me


Pivot cabinet

In addition to all the Christmas inspiration and gift ideas in my mailbox today,  
the pressmail of Dutch table specialist Arco,  about the stunning Pivot cabinet
 (designed in 2008 by Shay Alkalay and his London-based Raw Edges studio)
 caught my attention immediately due to its beautiful timeless minimalist design

"Pivot  is a solid wood cabinet which is built on tall legs and features two drawers. 
The innovative aspect of this cabinet is the fact that the drawers can hinge, 
making it possible to open both drawers at the same time, which is impossible 
with a conventional set of drawers and just perfect  for storing 
small items and everyday necessities" 

Besides my favorites in oak, natural walnut and black,  Arco has launched
 the Pivot in a new palette of 12 urban colours  ranging from a rich petrol and stunning red 
to emerald green! Really love its beautiful and inventive design that will be a real 
eyecatchter for each room, dont you think so?



After a very busy week Sundays are just perfect for 
quiet mornings with my family, 
lazy afternoons on the couch with a nice cup of tea, music and 
magazines and slowly preparing for Christmas...

Hope you all had a nice Sunday and I wish you a happy new week!

Wire plant pot and base by Menu.as via fonQ cage table by Menu.as |
sideboard by Domodesign | table accessories by Designletters | vase by Lyndby porcelain |
linen cushion byMolle | festive decorations by COS | natureprints ViaMartine.nl


50 years of IVAR

The best way to celebrate something is to show the subject at its best and in
 different ways dont you think so?  Just love the amazing stylingwork that Pella Hedeby did 
for the press campagne for this special occasion!

the successfull shelf that survived for five decades in public service. 

"In 1968, a nameless barrels storage shelf is placed in the furniture exhibition at IKEA Kungens Kurva in Stockholm. It has previously lived an unmatched existence in the "Market" department together with various other products outside the regular range. Over the years, IVAR has changed, developed and had many names. But the base of light and renewable pine woods, where even smaller pieces of play are taken, are equal.

IVAR flourished in the 70's, had a dip in the late 80's and hit new sales records in the 90's. Over the years, IVAR has changed, developed and had many names, ranging from BOSSE, INGO and UFFE. But the base of light and renewable pine woods, where even smaller pieces of play are taken, are equal. IVAR Series today consists of 29 different parts that can be combined in countless ways."

IKEA has announced that in February 2018, the range of cabinets and accessories will
 be expaned in white painted metal... Can't wait to admire it!

 styling Pella Hedeby Ikea pressimages photographer Ragnar √ímarsson  


green in my bedroom - OGREEN -

Inspired by my new Platformtray by Muuto, a few weeks ago I've updated
my bedroom (see here) and I still love the cosy and warm atmosphere
but I was missing something... By now you all know that I really love plants and

During the colder days when the heater is on all day, unfortunately the waste air can
not leave very easy because all homes are so well insulated nowadays.
The kind offer of fonQ.nl to try the beautiful greens of Ogreen came just at
the right moment! With the 'Clean Machines' (the plants) these waste
products absorb and give oxygen back.

For me personally plants are beautiful and refresh and brighten up any room.
But plants can do far more than just that. Ogreen plants provide a healthier living
environment where people feel better, are more creative and achieve better results.
Just perfect because in my case my workspace is situated in our bedroom!

Because of our new family member, cat Sofie, I've choosen the
"animal friendly" plantset... Sofie loves to investigate plants and this ensures
that she wil not get sick from eating them!
My other favorite new accessories; The Tillandsia Xerographica plants
are special in every way. They can be used as a hanging or table plant,
because this airplant does not need a pot. He gets his food from the air himself.
They are really special and just perfect if you are having difficulties to
take care of plants in time !

The nice feeling started at the receiving because the plants have been
delivered in beautiful stylish boxes (a perfect gift!) and the plant container
has all the needed care information. It's so funny because every container indicates
how much m2 of fresh air it will create in a space. The available biological plant fuel
 can help growing the plant as nature intended.

Accompanied by Sofie I've changed the (not waterproof) containers for some of my all time favourites... the Flowerpots by Hay... don't they fit just perfect?

Ogreen only works with growers who use the most organic methods of production possible.
"Just like the trees outside, plants operate as air-purifying machines. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and also filter the air, removing toxic substances. This has been proven by scientific research. Ogreen plants are scientifically tested for their air-purifying properties. The unique air-purifying properties of each plant have been measured and recorded."

this post is made in collaboration with FonQ.nl and Ogreen.eu
styling/photos/text by elvs

flowerpots - Hay | Platformtray Muuto | via fonQ
Afteroom chair - Menu.as | print - Via Martine


Instalove - Fjordby -

I've followed Tove's personal and very creative blog "Fjordby" for a long time and
 later, when she stopped blogging,  I followed her instagram account @fjordby

The thing that inspires me most in her feed is her stunning creative work and the
 beautiful landscapes that she shares in her feed, but these last few weeks I 
have been intrigued by her latest project! 

 I really fell for the original origami curtain that she has made (in about 40 hours) and
it looks so amazing in this huge frame from MOEBE... Don't you think so? 

 The MOEBE frame is a prototype and just a perfect match with this 2D origami, 
It's such a great contrast... beautiful and simple,
Cant wait to see more!

photos via @ fjordby with thanks!


simple and festive

A simple and practical flat-pack design, 
decorations made from sturdy carton with a matte silver finish.

 The first advent is approaching and everything that belongs to Christmas...
If you follow me a little bit longer you might know that I love 
stylish but mostly very simple decorations,  especially greens.

Last week these festive decorations at the hand-chosen selection of gifts at COS
really caught my eye... Just beautiful and simple as I love it so much!


project henriksdalsberget

One of my favorite early Wednesday morning activities is 
visiting the Swedish brokerage sites.

This moring I have admired the amazing sample images at one of 
the latest projects (at the top of Frederiksdalsberget Stockholm) by Fantastic Frank ,
where 9 effective appartments are created in an exisiting 1970's building. 

Just love the serene atmosphere, the styling and the used accessories
 at the different apartments as you can it in my compilation above...
beautiful and simple as I love it so much!